Don't cut back on style!

A famous fashion tastemaker stated something like this, long time ago, "Style is what makes me wake up every morning".All around us, we are cutting back, economizing. This is fair enough if we're saving on energy use or doing our sandwiches at home. But there is definitively no reason to cut back on Style! Some might think that Style is futile and inappropriate to our time, but style is just about doing the right choices to enhance every single moment of life. And plus no need of big investment to get a whole lot of satisfaction. Style can be everywhere, even in a simple cup of tea!

Edmee Wedgwood English Porcelain

For 2 decades (I got them through my wedding Registery) I love to start smoothly the day with my dear Edmee, because of the color (a soft soft cream) which instantly makes me feel warm and chic!

During the day, whether I am looking for, fun, simplicity, energy, poetry, I like to mix and match those.


Pleasure with no guilt $6 to $12 each

Now tell me, in which style you'd like your tea?