Et tes yeux dans mes yeux ...

Wow! Valentine's day already. My eighth one in the US!

I know most of you have looked around for a cool place to go to on valentine's day, well i have a great place to suggest to some of my bride's to be...Why not surprise him/her with a fabulous handmade (or handmade looking) dinner?

Nothing can be more romantic, caring and rewarding!

Here is something I am thinking cooking for mon cheri:

- Tuna Tartare (you could usually find it in the seafood section of your local market) on mixed green salad seasoned with balsamic vinaigrette.

- Ginger and honey flavored chicken with basmati rice. (recipe below)

- Mixed Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.


Champagne and tons of candles (don't forget to blow them out AFTER dinner.)

After this dinner i promise you he/she will propose, and if he/she has already done so, they'll propose again!!!!



- 2 roasted chicken thighs.

- 1 ginger root (you will use just 1/4 of it).

- 3 spoons of honey

- 3 spoons of mustard

- Preheat your oven at 350 degrees

- Put the roasted chicken on a heat resistant plate.

- In a bowl mix together the honey and mustard and shredd around 2 spoons of ginger,

- Cover the chicken with the mix and cover the plate with a foil of Aluminium paper.

- Put into the oven for around 10 minutes.

- Serve the chicken and its sauce with the rice.