A band or a DJ what should i choose

This is one of the most essential question that's pops early in the planning whatever it is for a 400 guests wedding or for a chic intimate Bar Mitzvah...Should I have a band or a DJ?

I've had the opportunity for many years to work with both and I like... both.

How to not love the energy of those musicians and singers? And their instruments are so beautiful. Sometimes, I am asked if I will be designing the stage. Sincerely beside light, what to add to this more than amazing living decor!

However, the key to the success is to keep the energy flowing during the whole time of the event (from 4 to 5 hours in a row).And I've found that it's very challenging for a band to do it alone.


For my son's Bar Mitzvah,last December, I hired a DJ and a 6 pieces band (saxophonist drummer ,4 singers).The musicians and the DJ stayed on stage during the whole evening, and the singers were performing between DJ sets of music.That way there were no gap's between songs and we were able to keep a continuous energy during the entire night.

Yesterday I met with one of my brides to organize the program of her up coming wedding.

She has hired a beautiful 11 pieces band and a DJ.She was very specific about having Russian music only, playing for the 30 first minutes of the reception and was worried about the best way to coordinate the band and the DJ.

My answer was very clear.The band should be on stage (at least all the musicians), playing live music,when the guests enter the room.The band's leader will introduce the bridal party on the DJ music accompanied by the drummer, violinist and other appropriate instruments and then the band will be allowed to leave the stage to let the DJ play his 30 minute sets!