My Lunch at Crustacean

Some of the the privileges of being an event planner is to meet incredible people, discover stunning locations and taste amazing food. Yesterday, i got it all together.Erika Breitkopf from An Catering invited me for lunch at their restaurant Crustacean, on Bedford, Beverly Hills. I've got to meet Erika last year when a very VIP client from Paris, asked me, a day before, to organize a dinner in his LA house.Even with this extremely short delay, An Catering was able to create a fantastic menu to meet the client's very specific criterias. Yesterday it was as a regal both for the eyes and the palates! Erika put together a full menu of mini samplings of fish and veggies and she surprised me with a French Crepe Ratatouille which was trully, trully d e l i c i o u s... While chatting with a full mouth, she told me about their molecular specialties, inspired by the spanish el bulli. From left to right Caprese – Strawberry Shortcake - with cocoa powder and 14K gold dust, Cheesecake – with blueberry compote. Can you believe? Can't wait to try them on one of my next fun event.