Amazon Watch luncheon

My new director of marketing, Daniela Meltzer, went to San Francisco last week for the Amazon Watch "fun-raising" luncheon,

For the last two years, the luncheon has taken place in front of City Hall and this year, the awe-inspiring sculpture by Zhang Huan, "Three Heads Six Arms" was there to great guests before they arrived.

The luncheon was equally as breathtaking and emotionally charged as the sculpture. It featured a video clip from the new Avatar DVD, including James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver, talking about the work Amazon Watch is doing in Brazil to stop the building of various dams all over the Amazonian rainforest which would be an environmental disaster and displaces thousands of indigenous communities from their lands.

I am learning so much from Daniela about the importance of preserving the rainforests which are known as the lungs of the planet and working alongside the indigenous communities that live in the Amazon. I can't wait to start incorporating more eco-friendly elements into our events!