"Because love should be celebrated..."

You are about to step into one of the most extraordinary experiences of your life.

Your wedding is an extra special day to celebrate your love with your friends and family. Right now, you are most likely filled with intense passion and heart-felt emotion. Are you looking for a big affair or an intimate gathering? Would you like it modern, traditional or eclectic?

You might have dreamt about your wedding since you were little or might not know where to begin...Who will know that it will be so many details, decisions and choices to be made before the big day (Budget, location, colors, invitations, entertainment, flowers, favors etc etc ).

If you feel already overwhelmed, stressed by just the thought of it or, just too busy to take of all the tasks that planning a wedding requires, it might be the right thing for you to hire a wedding planner...

A wedding planner will listen to you, guide you, support you and, help you all the way to your dream. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a planner for the entire process, you can always ask for help, halfway or just on your wedding day.

Enjoy the journey and give you and your guests' joy for years to come!