Barbara's and Richard's Belated Birthday parties

My way of life gives me, as you can imagine, very few days off and I was feeling so guilty to be unable to properly celebrate my kid's Barbara and Richard's birthdays. So when Sunday May 16th showed up as free on my calendar I jumped right to the idea of having them back to back. They both decided that they wanted to invite their friends over, and I had to find the way to entertain the two groups without losing my mind. Help! I phoned my personnal 911, Mike at Mad Dog Party, who I booked right away for a game truck right in our front yard.

It's just fabulous, a fantastic trendy truck comes to your house and gives the kids an hour and half of games and fun and for me,an hour and half of freedom! My husband will turn 45 next September, i am strongly thinking of calling Mike again, maybe for a laser tag at the closest park....

Orange Blossom Water

Orange Blossom Water...Have you ever tried it? It's the only thing i am totally, completely addicted to...In the morning, a single drop in my coffee and i am transported into my dreams again. Another drop in my Plain, Non Fat yogurt at lunch time and i feel like royalty. And what's for dinner? Stay coming soon !

Ps: Don't forget tonight after your shower, put some drops behind your ears to smell like heaven....


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