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Véronique Assouline is a full-service event planner who brings over a decade of expertise as well as a talented eye for design and a passion for detail to every exquisite celebration she plans.

Véronique’s childhood was spent in Casablanca, where her parents and their friends hosted a seemingly endless stream of opulent parties that filled their home with the sumptuous tastes, regal style and vibrant music of Northern Africa. At the age of 15, Véronique moved to Paris, studying art history at Le Musée du Louvre and earning a law degree from La Sorbonne. Véronique’s Parisian flat became a favorite gathering spot for a crowd of upcoming young stars in fashion and design, and she entertained them with chic, creative parties. Soon, Véronique was invited to join an elite Parisian design firm, and – voilà! -- her career as an international event planner began.

In 2002, Véronique brought her expertise to Beverly Hills and launched Véronique Events, which was immediately in high demand. Véronique is consistently acknowledged by clients for her ability to create the parties of their dreams as well as for her assiduous attention to detail and her tremendous kindness and warm personality.

Véronique and her team create more than just parties – they create stylishly-designed experiences during which life’s special moments can unfold with all the charming surprises, joyful connections, and tender memories that the perfectly-planned event can provide.